Thilia Tamminen

Thilia Tamminen is a singer/songwriter from Helsinki, Finland.

She is an alumni from the Pop&Jazz Conservatory in Helsinki and currently studies Music Education at the Sibelius-Academy, with a strong focus on pop/jazz singing.


In addition to her solo projects, Thilia also takes part in several other projects.

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  • Norma - An indie pop band that blends together five female voices with electronic soundscapes in exciting and innovative ways. In their original music they combine fascinating lyrics with pop, jazz, soul and ethno sounds.


  • VGM - The grooviest cover band in Helsinki, a perfect option for your events. The band plays exciting arrangements of well-known songs by Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Katy Perry, Gnarls Barkley and many more.

Photo: Eugene Doe
Some picks from
thilia's cv
  • Vocal Coach at Finns Sommarteater's production of "Pippi Långstrump" in spring and summer 2019 (Espoo, Finland).

  • Vocal Coach at Finns Sommarteater's production of "Stora Stygga Vargen" in spring and summer 2018 (Espoo, Finland).

  • Translation of a song (english to finnish) for the movie "Moomins and the Winter Wonderland" with its premiere December 2017. On top of this, Thilia has done some other song lyric translations.

  • Hostess, performer and children's instructor (Tradi Bird) at the Children's Tent at Kaustinen Folk Music Festival 10.-16.7.2017

  • Collaborations with various DJ:s, for example Tom&Hills. Thilia composed the melody, wrote the lyrics and performed the song 
    "Here and Now" in 2015.

  • Thilia has performed in several musical productions in Finland, for example "Kristina från Duvemåla" at the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki (2011-2013) and Helsinki City Theatres version of "High School Musical on Stage" (2008).