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Norma - Se voisit olla sä

If you've read my "ABOUT" -section, you might have noticed I'm in a few bands and projects. Well, my band Norma is one of those and just recently we released the album

Se voisit olla sä (It could be you).

The newly released album is now available on Spotify and iTunes, so make sure you go have a listen! (Click the album cover to play it on Spotify!)

This album is something I'm very proud of.

Now that the album is finally released, we're preparing for our album release TOUR that starts on the 4th of April. Here are all of the tour dates:

4.4.2018 Kuopio // Pannuhuone

9.4.2018 Turku // Linnateatteri

10.4.2018 Helsinki // Elmu

More details are found here!

The album can be purchased on Eclipse Music's website, Levykauppa Äx and several other stores.


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